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Why Choose Us?

For all ages of dance students…

Since 1977, our community has come to know Wilson School of Dance as a place of caring service and integrity. We have taught over 12,000 students that excellence in anything is worth the dedication, and work, - even when you're dancing just for fun!

For over 10 years our high school graduates average GPA is 4.0. There is a known correlation between our well-taught dance and the brain training that happens in classes. Dancers develop better memories as students learn by instantly memorizing steps, terms, and long sequences of choreography. Minds become focused; bodies healthy and strong, and creative expression is encouraged which all transfers into a positive feeling of accomplishment and self worth. Our students often become leaders, and excel in their academics which sets them up to be successful in college, their careers and life.

To be a part of giving students that courage, inner joy, and outright sense of accomplishment, sustains and motivates us as teachers. We are passionate in our desire to share with students this amazing world of dance!

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For your Little Dancer…

We teach life lessons about sharing, character building, paying attention, being kind to others, and we give children positive reinforcement with encouraging words. We are careful to provide teachers who are also good role models for the students.

We know nothing is more precious than your children, so an atmosphere of respect, with individual attention and care in a fun, safe, environment is important.

As students dance in the classroom and onstage they gain poise, confidence, and a joyful sense of accomplishment they remember all their lives. With your help - we can make a positive difference in your child's life that will build confidence for a lifetime.

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