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Spring Performance

Come watch dancers of all ages! --Exciting choreography & beautiful costumes!
Sunday 5th May 2024
Location: PVCC Dickinson Theater 501 College Drive.

Our 46th Annual Spring Performance will excite everyone, from "Mozart to Mars"! 

Call ahead to pick up tickets! They are not available at the door.
PH: 434-973-5678!

Our annual "Spring Performance" is an extravaganza of choreography complete with beautiful costumes, professional lighting, music and moves that are always age appropriate. Why?

Because when a student works really hard throughout the year, and is excited to step on stage they want to shine!

Costumes in dance just like in any theater production, or professional career, help the performer portray the part better. We know that a little dancer in a beautiful, fancy tutu, or an older student in a costume that sparkles and follows the latest fashion trends, loves the way they feel so pretty. They bubble with excitement putting on their costume and step onstage with grace, poise and confidence!

The Spring Performance has FREE ADMISSION for guests – family or friends, (supported by a very modest performance fee). This keeps the emphasis of that special day on celebrating the dancers.

As teachers, we are excited to see progress, at all levels! Students and teachers together create an atmosphere of cooperation instead of competition which fosters camaraderie. This builds self esteem as students identify and encourage each other's talents.

The confident, successful feeling inside a dancer as they come off stage is rewarding beyond measure -for the tiny princess dancers, teenagers, or adults. To be a part of giving students that courage, inner joy, and outright sense of accomplishment, sustains and motivates us as teachers. We are passionate in our desire to share with students this amazing world of dance!

Our Performance Group is another means for students to perform in front of audiences periodically throughout the year. Students audition for acceptance into the group for dancers with at least three years of experience. They perform at local and regional venues, events, schools, and festivals. We are honored and excited as this group and other WSD will be traveling to Miami this December to perform in the famous Orange Bowl!

With your help - we can make a positive difference in your child's life that will build their confidence and create memories to last a lifetime.

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