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Policies & Procedures


The registration fee is $25 for summer sessions/camps, and $47 for the school year (non-refundable).This will hold your spot in class so you can rest assured your student will have their desired class. In order to meet students' needs class schedules may be adjusted.

Yearly Session Tuition - Membership Types

  1. In Full Payment: A 5% discount on tuition is given when paying in full. To receive this discount, tuition, must be paid before August 10th either online using bank draft (no credit cards), or at our front desk with check or cash.
  2. 9-Payment Schedule: The initial payment is charged on August 10th or upon registration, whichever is later. All subsequent payments are automatically charged on the 10th of each month, (bank draft, debit card, or credit card) for a total of nine payments (August – April). Military discounts are taken off the April payment.

Automatic Payments

After your initial registration, WSD only accepts tuition payments automatically using a checking account (preferred), or credit card. We do not accept monthly payments at our front desk. This allows us to keep our focus on dance education, not collecting money. We reserve the right to charge an additional $20 for any late payments due to lack of funds or declined accounts.

Spring Performance & Costume Fee - Yearly Session

Performance and costume fees are due January 10th. The performance fee is $78 and applies to any student that participates in our annual Spring Performance. Costume fees are different for each Level range of classes: $73, $86, or $89. No costume fees will be refunded after January 15th even if a student withdraws from the school. Admission to the Spring Performance is free of charge. Students who miss more than one third (4 classes) during the twelve weeks before the performance may not be allowed to perform. This, of course, excludes classes cancelled due to inclement weather and regular scheduled breaks.

Summer Session: Camps and Classes

Early Summer Registration: Students registering before May 1st may pay half the tuition (plus registration fee) upon registration and the other half by automatic payment charged on May 1st. Beginning May 10st Summer Session Tuition is payable in full upon registration and will be charged within 5 business days.

Class Withdrawal

Withdrawals are permitted for serious illness/injury or moving out of town. You must email the director ( also please copy at least 30 days before your desired last class. Once proper notice has been given, automatic payments will stop after your last class. Withdrawal must be done through the WSD school office, not with the teacher. Calling the front desk is not sufficient to stop tuition payments, and withdrawals will not be accepted over the phone. The last date to drop a class and discontinue the related tuition charges is December 15th of the currently registered dance session. If a class is dropped between December 15th and February 1st a credit towards future classes may be given. No refunds or credits will be given for classes dropped after February 1st of the currently registered dance session.

For 3-5 year olds:

Rest assured that we understand this age can be unpredictable. If after the first three classes your child takes, dance is not a good fit, please call the office and let us know. Sometimes a class or time change makes a world of difference (depending on shyness, maturity, sleep patterns, etc.). If that doesn't work, fill out the required forms and you will only be charged for the classes taken. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the director.

Notifications: Snow/Inclement Weather/Unexpected CLASS CANCELLATIONS - MAKEUP CLASSES

Notification of class cancellations will be given 1. by email to the account you used upon registration 2. You may call the school telephone outgoing voice message. We must have your correct email address for you to receive notices. We do not follow County School cancellations. Our guidelines to cancel are: when Profitt Road is not clear and road conditions are generally poor.

Our policy under normal conditions is: If the school must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond our control (such as power outages) students may come to another class during the week that is appropriate for their age and level of experience. Please call the office at least one day ahead to schedule a makeup. No refunds for these cancelled classes will be given. Due to performance preparations, (each class works on their own dance) no makeups are allowed the last four weeks before our Spring Performance.

Class Etiquette & Dress Code *

Kindness, respect, and encouragement amongst peers, teachers, staff and parents is appreciated and helps create the warmth of our family atmosphere. We feel there will always be ways to improve, so please feel free to express any concerns with our office staff or director.

We love seeing our dance students with the proper attire to succeed. Students are not permitted to wear jeans or shoes worn outdoors to any dance class. Required dancewear and shoes must be worn to all classes. For safety reasons dancers are not permitted to wear jewelry, or chew gum during class. Long hair must be tied back for jazz and tap; securely up/fastened into a bun for ballet. Loose long hair is unacceptable in any dance class.

Dancewear Guidelines:

  • Princess Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Dance = All in pink :) leotard, tights, ballets shoes
  • Ballet Level I and above = Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballets shoes for the ladies For males - White t-shirt, Black or dark color athletic shorts, leggings, black or white ballet shoes.
  • Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop and all other styles of dance = leotard, black or dark color, tights or leggings. Dance tops, shorts, yoga style pants are appropriate in most classes. We want you to feel comfortable and instructors to be able to see all your movement. For specific details refer to our website "Class Attire".

Jazz sneakers, jazz shoes or thin soled sneakers are fine for jazz or hip hop classes. 

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