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Hear what parents and students are saying about Wilson School of Dance:

Susan W.

What can you say to a woman that is willing to give her everything in support, encouragement, and betterment of another? Juanita has been a second mother to my daughter. There’s nothing you can say that could match her giving, ability, beauty, depth of character, morality, and freedom for these children to be who they are – only better! A role model you wish you had – but you’re so glad your daughter did have! Her gift in choreographing is unmatched. Her passion for life, music, and expression is like a warm coat on a cold day. She created an upbeat atmosphere – never hostile, moody or more concerned with incidentals; The child first, the art second. This chapter in our lives has been a pleasure to live! We love you!

~ Susan W. (Parent)

Jennifer C.

My husband and I have been very pleased with our girls' progress at Wilson School of Dance. We joined the dance school last October after several years of lessons in suburban Pittsburgh. The instructors at WSD have a wonderful knack for understanding the abilities of each student and challenging them accordingly. In addition, the school promotes an atmosphere of enthusiasm rather than competition among the students. We feel completely at ease sending the girls to their lessons, and they come home with happy faces and an eagerness to perfect their newly-learned combinations. We feel very fortunate to be part of such a wonderful school.

~ Jennifer C. (Parent, Student)

Ahn N.

When we asked around our daughter's day school where other kids went for ballet and jazz lessons, the near unanimous answer was The Wilson School of Dance. Aside from the excellent teachers, we like the locale. The school is located in an old church where you can really feel the vibes.

~ Ahn N. (Parent)

Rich and Diane T.

Our daughter Brooke started classes at the Wilson School seven years ago at the age of three and has taken lessons continuously since. She absolutely loves every second and every aspect of it, from meeting new instructors and classmates to the spectacular spring performances. Every instructor she has had in each type of dance has been a top-notch professional, choreographing and teaching amazing dances, while making the classes fun. After each class, Brooke exudes confidence and excitedly shows us what she learned that day. Most importantly, though, the Wilson school is not just a dance school; it’s a dance family. Juanita and Joe have created an atmosphere of caring, encouragement, and fun. Their love for their craft and their students shine both in and out of the studio. Brooke leaves the school every time with a smile on her face. She has made many friends and has gained poise, confidence, and pretty amazing dance and acting skills. We could not ask for a better experience for our daughter.

~ Rich and Diane T. (Parents, Student)

Pam B.

Ever since my son walked in the door of the Wilson School of Dance for a theatre camp over two years ago, he has felt welcome and at home. Juanita has been amazing about recognizing my son's goals and making sure his training caters to those goals. He has taken Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, and Tap, and has found all to be a blast. When he first arrived, he was mostly interested in dance as a means to get better in musical theater, but he has now come to really enjoy dance in and of itself, and for that I credit Juanita and all the other terrific teachers. My son has even had the chance to get some first-class acting training thanks to Joe's acting class. Joe has been great with offering advice, monologue suggestions, audition tips, and most of all helping the kids to get inside their characters. All in all, Wilson is a wonderful place for both dance aficionados and musical theater lovers to get great training in a warm and supportive environment.

~ Pam B. (Mother)

Tom T.

The instruction level at Wilson School of Dance is top-notch, of course. But what really makes it such a special place for us is the kindness and care they have shown my daughter -- and all the other students, for that matter -- starting at the very top with Juanita and Joe. They clearly love what they do, and this feeling that the dance studio is a calling rather than just a job is truly inspiring. Looking forward to the beginning of classes.

~ Tom T. (Parent)

Valery Lantratov

Valery Lantratov

The Wilson School of Dance is memorable for a number of reasons. Our host was the extremely welcoming Juanita Wilson. It is located in an old church building on a wooded lot. Light shines through the arched windows and lends a warm glow to the wooden fixtures including a few left over pews. Thank you to Juanita Wilson for inviting us to this lovely studio.

~ Valery Lantratov (Artistic Director and General Director of the Russian National Ballet Foundation in Moscow, Russia)

Erika Uhlig

Erika Uhlig Erika Uhlig - Magazine cover

Juanita is an amazing woman! Even with all her dance classes and performances she still has time to talk to her students and friends one on one. She is an amazing mentor and her studio gives those who love dance a feeling of expression, comfort, and home!

~ Erika Uhlig (Miss Teen Virginia America)

Pat Uhlig (Parent)

Juanita is a gifted teacher, a loving individual, and has done much for the arts in our community. All three of my daughters have taken dance with her through the years. Dance has given them grace, poise, and self-confidence. Because of her example she helped one of my daughters achieve the title of Miss Teen Virginia America! Thank you Juanita!

~ Pat Uhlig (Parent)

Meghan M.

Juanita is one of the most kind and generous persons I have ever met. She has been my dance teacher and mentor for twelve years and she prepared me well to become a dance major in college. In fact, after all of my dance finals I hear from all of the dance faculty how exceptional my ballet technique is. I learned everything from her and I am very grateful for her expertise in all forms of dance. Juanita has so much passion for teaching and cares a lot about her students. Having Juanita as my teacher impacted my life and helped me become a wonderful dancer.

~ Meghan M. (Student, Teacher)

Peter B.

Wilson School of Dance is a great dance studio. They teach a wide variety of levels and types of dance, and have been very helpful in working with me and my busy schedule. I have taken jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop, and every class has been very high quality and very fun! Juanita has helped me choose my classes, so I always know what level will be best for me and what will help me. And Joe has been great with his acting class-it is really fun. It is a great environment to be in because all of the people are really nice. I have enjoyed every one of my classes there and I can't wait to take more classes in the future!

~ Peter B. (Student)

Brooke T.

It’s awesome how the staff always makes things fun and encourages you to do your best. I have had a great experience at the Wilson School of Dance. Dance is a perfect art for me because I am shy and in dance I am able to express myself without having to be shy. Juanita and Joe have been nothing but nice and helpful to me and everyone else. The Wilson school now feels to me like family, and the other students are all my friends. I give great gratitude to Juanita and Joe for improving my dance and acting skills plus giving me poise in dancing and projection in my voice for acting. I will continue to do classes for a long time, I want to do this for my profession, I know I will be successful and I will owe it all to Juanita and Joe.

~ Brooke T. (Student)

Catherine N.

We are extremely satisfied with our decision to send our daughter to the Wilson School of Dance! We have found Juanita and her staff to be extremely talented, helpful and encouraging. The small class size is great for our little girl to explore and grow as a dancer. Juanita has a passion for dance that is evident in everything she does. When you speak to her, you can just tell that she loves what she does and her heart and soul is truly in her work. Further, we have always felt welcome as we wait for our daughter's classes to end. Our daughter is now four years old and has enjoyed a year and a half of classes; we will definitely continue her course of study here as long as we are in the area.

Amanda C.

Wilson School of Dance is a great community of people and an amazing place to learn. I feel like I have grown a lot, not only as a dancer but as a person. The teachers here truly care and always make the classes lots of fun. I have made many friends that share the same passion as me. I love the school and I am so happy dancing here.

~ Amanda C. (Student)

Alyssa C.

I like Wilson School of Dance because of the teachers and the dance. The teachers are all very nice, and the teachers I've had have set new goals for me and have let us do our own choreography in class a little. You can take Lyrical, Broadway, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Acting. That is why I like Wilson School of Dance.

~ Alyssa C. (Student)

Jean T.

My daughter has been taking dance classes for three years with Sherry, Kelly and Juanita. She loves dancing! It is a thrill and a joy to see her express herself. Every year for the Spring Performances, I am amazed at what poise, grace, and confidence she displays on stage! Thank you for all of your hard work in making this an enjoyable experience for her! You offer such a variety of dances for all ages that I’m sure we will be enrolling her for many years!! Thanks.

~ Jean T. (Parent)

Marie, Joben, Madeline, & Peter K.

Juanita, thank you for a great year of dance instruction! Madeline learned so much and she had a fun time, too! We feel your dance school is a treasure! It is unique among dance options in Charlottesville. You bring so much to the dance experience and your commitment and hard work is noticed and so greatly appreciated. Congratulations on a wonderful year and Thank You!

~ Marie, Joben, Madeline, & Peter K. (Student & Family)

Carol B.

We appreciate all that you do for our children. You've been an inspiration over the years.

~ Carol B. (Parent)

Bill & Ellie T.

Wilson School of Dance gave both of our kids, Dory and Josh, a love of dance and a comfort of moving. We will always be grateful to Juanita and her excellent teachers for giving our family so many years of love and appreciation of the visual arts. Thank you, Juanita and Joe.

~ Bill & Ellie T. (Parents)

James B.

What can I say? Juanita is the consummate professional, the ultimate teacher and motivator. Furthermore, I not only consider her a business acquaintance, but also a dear and precious friend. She has been so wonderful to my family. We love her dearly. Juanita is one of God’s true gems.

~ James B. (Parent & Student)

Martha S.

Wilson School of Dance has been an important part of our daughter's life for five years. It has been a pleasure to see how solid dance instruction has helped her to grow as a dancer and an individual. However, this is only part of the Wilson School of Dance experience. Juanita Wilson Duquette is an extremely principled individual and it is apparent in the way that she works with dancers and in the teachers that she employs. The result is an experience that complements and supports our job as parents.

~ Martha S. (Parent)

Sue D.

In addition to being a wonderful dancer and teacher, Juanita is an inspiration to the kids and to me. I am inspired by her sincerity, her enthusiasm, her great patience, and her love of children.

~ Sue D. (Parent)

Emma St. O.

Only someone with an infinite love for dance can teach another to dance from the heart. It is rare to find such a genuine person, and incredibly lucky to find such a dedicated teacher.

~ Emma St. O. (Student)

Sue D..

I think all of the teachers and everyone at the school love children, and the kids know it!

~ Sue D. (Parent)

Neva R.

Eleven years of training at Wilson School of Dance gave me the strength and technique to be extremely well prepared for my first year dancing in college.

~ Neva R. (Student)

Carolyn D.

Classes at Juanita’s school are the only way I was able to get through studying for the bar exam. Dancing is such a joyous experience that all my stress lifts by the end of class!

~ Carolyn D. (Student)

Julie C.

My daughter Ashlyn has been dancing at Wilson School of Dance for three years. I found the school online prior to moving from Charlottesville and I was immediately impressed. The staff helped with the transition to the school and the community prior to our arrival. From the start, we were treated with kindness and personal attention to determine the right classes for my daughter. We have loved our time at Wilson and Ashlyn has grown in her abilities and desire to continue dancing to develop her passion. The highlight of our time here was being selected to perform in The Wizard of Oz (Broadway Touring Company at John Paul Jones Arena). Joe and Juanita poured themselves into the dancers to provide them with an opportunity of a lifetime. We are so thankful for our time at Wilson School of Dance, it is a wonderful place!

~ Julie C. (Parent)

Ashlyn C.

Wilson School of Dance has been my favorite memory during our short time in Virginia. We are moving to Texas and the thing I will miss the most is WSD! I have had a wonderful time dancing here and my teachers have been awesome! I hope I can come back here one day but if not I will keep dancing wherever I am. Thank you for allowing me to be in The Wizard of Oz, it was an incredible experience for me!

~ Ashlyn C. (Student)

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