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Types of Dance

Frozen Dance Class

These classes are newly designed for FUN and LEARNING. Be a part of this exciting adventure as you dance along with Olaf the snowman, Princess Elsa, & Princess Anna. An awesome way for kids to learn some Jazz, Ballet, acting expression, creative movement and choreography.

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Princess Ballet/Pre-Ballet

Princess Ballet/Pre-Ballet (3-5 years): Preballet Learn fun dances, ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure. Princess ballet uses princess-themed music and props! Pre- Ballet classes use a wider variety of music. In both dance classes children are encouraged to use their imaginations! This is a fun, safe, nurturing dance class with just the right balance between discipline and learning for these precious little ones. The emphasis is on creating a fun learning environment.

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Dance I

Includes beginning Ballet barre, French ballet terms, and steps to gain placement and technique—class ends with theater jazz, using age appropriate steps that encourage “style” and a fun freedom of expression.

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Incorporates Russian and Royal Ballet technique. Correct body placement and terminology are emphasized using graceful classic movement. Ballet provides a good base for developing body awareness, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility.

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Taken only after basic ballet technique is mastered, and muscles and bones are strong. Two ballet classes per week are required when taking pointe class. Instructor permission is required.

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Based on the smoothness of Luigi technique yet incorporating street styles. Complete with a strengthening warm up, across the floor technique and creative energizing choreography! Dance types vary from Broadway to Blues, Latin, Lyrical, or Hip Hop styles. An awesome dance class for youth or adults that develops coordination, flexibility and strength while having fun!

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Exciting rhythms using Broadway music, classic Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, swing tunes or street funk. Beginners learn basic rhythms and terms –then put them together into fabulous dances. Classes advance into soft shoe, waltz-clog, and buck-and-wing, with time steps amusing galore! Great exercise and fun for beginner – advanced, youth-adults.

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Hip Hop

Music video/commercial style dances using moves set to "hot" new music. We are careful to always have age appropriate moves and music!

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Free feeling movement using contemporary music based on Martha Graham and incorporating other dance techniques. Strong movements and challenging twists in the choreography make this a great dance class for college-bound students.

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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance is a fusion of traditional and folk dances, classical Indian dance and western influences such as jazz, hip hop, and modern. An easy to follow dance class that with energetic movement that will put a smile on your face! No previous knowledge of dance or music is required.

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